Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How will this benefit my business?

The system framework will offer assurance to customers that the work you undertake for them will be conducted safely. This will provide competitive advantage.

The 10 risk-based H&S Standards provide guidance and practical application for Managers to plan their work in line with legal requirements.

Toolbox training offers the opportunity to identify and resolve employee vulnerability in line with efficient operations.

The participatory practices will enable your work to be done safely.

What if I need help to set the programme up in my business? Do I still need a consultant?

Each Policy has intuitive training slides to show you how to use the tools. You have the option of subscribing to our SUPPORT FORUM. Once subscribed, open a topic if you need any support.

How does your system differ from others on offer?

Each of the Policies contains procedures that outline the various scope and organisational accountabilities at each level. The risk-based H&S Standards offer International and Local compliance. Our system guides you through the process on how to apply them.

In addition we provide all the forms and registers, toolbox talks, and checklists to allow you to measure performance and plan for improvements.

Our framework enables you to build and tailor your system dependent on YOUR need. The system has been designed to be intuitive

If we buy your system, how do we decide which of your products we require?
Have a look at each of the Policy packages, and consider the content of each of them. Always begin with Policy #1 (Hazard Identification and the Assessment of OH&S Risks), and select other Policies according to a commercial need, or as your system matures.
Our business is looking forward to exporting our products overseas. Do your systems meet International Standards, and if so, what is the process for achieving international best practice?

The application of Policies #1-#7 meets International Standards. They have been developed in line with the pending ISO45001 (Occupational H&S) and the ISO31000 (Risk Management).

Applying ALL seven policies to your operations will enable you to validate compliance and measure performance, thereby enabling your business to apply for International H&S systems certification.

Is your system legally compliant?

Yes. The policies provide guidance on how to identify risk and maintain safety performance.

The system has 10 H&S Standards that offer local legal compliance, and international best practice guidance.

To verify compliance, YOU apply the controls listed in the H&S Standards according to your operational risk and confirm their application.

Will your system allow compliance whether in the office, at a facility, or on a project?
The system framework is the same for all three but the risks are all different. Select the H&S Standards you require for your situation, and customise the system for your business.
Are you based in New Zealand?
Yes. NZ based providing Local and International Occupational Health and Safety risk based management systems.

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