Policy Suite: All 7 Policies

All of the policies, practices and methodologies:

Policy Price (NZ$ each)
Hazard identification and the assessment of OH&S risks $1,300.00
Legal and Other Requirements $1,200.00
OH&S Competence $1,700.00
Information and Communication $350.00
Emergency Preparedness $250.00
Performance and Evaluation $450.00
Improvement $450.00
Price when bought individually $5,700.00
Package discount $1,140.00


$4560 documentation fee, with an optional $30/month for unlimited forum access and updates. The subscription can be terminated at any time!

  • , plus $4560 up-front documentation fee

    Billed monthly until cancelled

  • . You can join the support forum later.

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Prices excl GST

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