Tools to

manage safety,

prevent harm

WHO are the workers?

WHERE are they working?

WHAT are their tasks?

Identify Hazards and Assess Risks

Evaluate and Control Risk

Monitor and Review risk controls







We provide ...

a suite of
for you to implement
a world-class
Safety Management System

Hazard identification and the assessment of OH&S risks
Manage OH&S hazards by identifying and then evaluating whether the risk can be controlled to satisfy legal requirements to which the organisation subscribes. Set OH&S objectives and targets with employees and external parties.


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Legal and Other Requirements
Detemine and integrate the legislation, standards and organisational requirements applicable to the identified OH&S risks into operational controls.


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Competence, training and awareness
Ensure personnel are competent to perform their work effectively and conscientiously in relation to the identified OH&S risks.


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Information and Communication
Provide for both the gathering and the dissemination of information upwards, downwards and across the organisation from the various levels and functions affected by activities, products and services.


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Emergency Preparedness
Establish emergency management plans, training, equipment and responsibilities to prevent or minimise OH&S risks from the potential emergencies.


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Performance and Evaluation
Monitor and document the effectiveness of controls in order to provide data so that the related risk assessment can be updated when necessary.


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Management reviews include the reporting and taking action to continually improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the OH&S management system at planned intervals.


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Our small building company has benefitted from the Safety by Design . Systems process; the enormous amount of working detail provided in your Health & Safety analysis has greatly improved my appreciation of the need to pay more attention to relevant expectations and compliance requirements associated with our daily work program.

This whole area of concern is a minefield for us and generally is pushed, by seemingly more urgent priorities, to the bottom of the heap.

We are grateful for your efforts with this program, and will be adding more of your policies to the business as we develop systems appropriate to our requirements.

Dennis Reeve - MBOINZ

Project Manager, LBP Carpentry

I don’t want anyone hurt on my jobs, simple.

The policies and procedures are a simple and effective way of setting up the required procedures. It saved me hundreds of hours of toil

Rob Bernstein

Project Manager, Aegis Projects

I work as a project manager for a construction company. I have spent years and many hours trying to make up my own Health and Safety policies. I found Policy #1 to be very comprehensive, far exceeding what I had and could not believe how much information I was missing. It now meets what is now required. I have also referred some of our subcontractors to SafetyByDesign.Systems to ensure that they too meet the minimum standard. I will be also be adding to Policy #1. Thank you.

Graeme Holder

Project Manager


has 50 YEARS combined practical experience and competence in:

  • Health and Safety
  • Ergonomics
  • International Safety Practices
  • Workplace OH&S Management Systems and Worker Insurance Audits
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Leadership and Management in Health, and Health & Safety Sectors
  • Safety and Wellbeing Promotion
  • Strategic Analysis and Design
  • Task Analysis
  • Assessment of Safety Functional Competencies
  • Development of Safety-based Behavioural Targets
  • Social Media

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